ZetaChain Testnet and Airdrop Guide

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What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is a blockchain platform that was created to ensure data security and transparency in various industries such as finance, medicine, logistics, and others. One of the main principles of ZetaChain is the reliability and speed of transaction processing. In addition, the platform provides the ability to use various blockchain technologies, including private and public blockchains. ZetaChain also offers its own token, ZETA, which is used to ensure security and data protection, as well as to carry out various transactions and operations in the system.

How to get a ZetaChain token airdrop?

In order to make your account eligible for a potential ZetaChain airdrop you need to participate in ZetaChain Testnet. You earn Zeta Points for all your interactions.

Points System

Points allow community members to track their progress and contributions to ZetaLabs. The system encourages product/protocol feedback and bug reports to help the team keep the network up to date. The structure of earning points in the second version of ZETA is as follows:

zetachain points system testnet
Zetachain Points System

Use our checklist below to qualify for an airdrop. We recommend to interact with Zetachain Testnet at least once per week in order to get the maximum amount of Zeta Points.

How to participate