Smart Money Made Simple

Alpha community with a set of powerful analytical and trading tools to stay on track with the best opportunities for making money in the crypto space.

DEX Trading Bot

Instantly snipe, buy or sell tokens on DEX, set take profit, stop loss, and more with our cutting-edge features for optimal trading.

DEX Trading Terminal

Trade tokens on Ethereum DEX platforms like Uniswap instantly, with no delays or intermediaries. Seize the best opportunities in the market at the click of a button.

Instant DEX Trading bot - Buy or sell tokens quickly and easily on DEX platforms like Uniswap.

Advanced Order Types

Set take profit, stop loss, or trailing stop loss for your trades to manage risk and optimize profits effortlessly.

Uniswap take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss for precise trade management.

Whale Anomaly Scanner

Gain a competitive edge with our Whale Anomaly scanner, which spots potentially profitable tokens by detecting early whale buys and popular wallet movements. Snipe opportunities instantly.

Whale Anomaly Scanner - Detect potentially profitable tokens with our advanced scanning tool. Detect smart wallets.

Wallet Tracking Tools

Use our tools to follow blockchain addresses, track all of their activity and detect smart wallets.

Wallet Analyzer

Analyze Wallet PnL over time

Easiest way to see how good the trader is - check his trade history. Put address in our Wallet Analyzer in order to see the PnL results of the wallet over time.

Smart Wallet Analyzer. Check wallet trading Profit and Loss over time

Wallet Lists

Organize the wallets you follow

Create wallet lists, add addresses and keep track of all their transactions. Share your lists with anyone and find ready lists created by the other members of Alphador community.

Create lists of blockchain wallets and track transactions Alphador

Transactions Feed

Track any wallet transactions on blockchain

Keep track of all new transactions on the most popular chains initiated by the addresses you follow. Use filters in order to find transactions by exact wallet, list or related token. You can receive notifications directly in your Telegram.

Ethereum BSC Polygon arbitrum transactions tracker Alphador

Smart Wallets Detector

Find wallets which buy before pump

Wondering who bought a token before pump? Put token address in our Smart Wallets Detector, select dates and get a completely ready filtered list of addresses. Follow the best ones.

Smart Wallets Detector. Find wallet which buy before pump

Arbitrage Tools

Use our scanners and token tools to find potentially profitable arbitrage opportunities.

CEX DEX Arbitrage Scanner

Find arbitrage opportunities between CEX and DEX

Our CEX DEX Arbitrage scanner works 24/7 to find potential opportunities for an arbitrage.

CEX DEX Arbitrage Scanner Alphador

CEX CEX Arbitrage Scanner

Find arbitrage opportunities between CEX and CEX

Our CEX CEX Arbitrage scanner works 24/7 to find potential opportunities for an arbitrage.

CEX CEX Arbitrage Scanner Alphador

Cross Chain Arbitrage Simulator

Quickly check whether an arbitrage opportunity exists

Our arbitrage simulator allows you to check whether you can make a profit by buying one token on chain A and selling at higher price on chain B.

Cross Chain Arbitrage Simulator Alphador

Price Alerts

Stay always up to date with token prices

Keep track of any token on the most popular chains. Configure notifications on asset percent change or when crossing a price target. Receive notifications directly in your Telegram or browser.

Ethereum tokens price alerts

Crypto Activities

Our team analyze a ton of events every day and selects only the most potential ones to participate.

The Best Crypto Events

Follow the best crypto events with detailed guides

We review and post about the best crypto events available at the moment. Never miss the next Big Token Airdrop again, always stay up to date with the most potential upcoming NFT drops.

Best crypto airdrops, nft sales, nft calendar, nft activities

Event News Feed

Forget about browsing endless feeds in Twitter and Discord

We keep track of all of the important project updates and deliver them in your Telegram or Alphador feed in a short laconic format.

Crypto news feed

Referral Program

Robust opportunity for users to generate passive income by introducing fresh members to our cutting-edge trading tools.

Referral Program

Invite people and enjoy passive income

Alphador Referral Program is a powerful avenue for our users to earn passive income by introducing new members to our avant-garde trading tools.

Alphador Referral Program


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Free plan to discover the best crypto events.

  • Crypto Events
  • Telegram Notifications
  • Up to 3 Trading Wallets
  • Up to 6 Concurrent Trades


Free Trial Available


discount when ordering > 2 months

Essential plan to find new smart wallets and simulate arbitrage ideas.

  • Crypto Events Feed
  • Wallet Tracker
  • Wallet Analyzer
  • Smart Wallet Detector
  • Wallet Lists (up to 10)
  • Up to 6 Trading Wallets
  • Up to 10 Concurrent Trades

Basic Alpha


discount when ordering > 2 months

Enjoy the best tools. Alpha group access included.

  • + Everything from BASIC
  • Private Alpha Group
  • Token Whale Anomaly Tracker
  • Twitter Calls Tracker
  • Wallet Lists (up to 10)
  • Up to 10 Trading Wallets
  • Up to 15 Concurrent Trades



discount when ordering > 2 months

Pro plan is a great fit for arbitrageurs with experience.

  • + Everything from BASIC ALPHA
  • CEX DEX Arbitrage Scanner
  • CEX CEX Arbitrage Scanner
  • Wallet Lists (up to 20)
  • Up to 15 Trading Wallets
  • Up to 25 Concurrent Trades

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