Wormhole Airdrop Guide

Wormhole Airdrop Guide

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Wormhole has successfully closed its funding round, raising $225 million at a $2.5 billion valuation.

What is Wormhole? 

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Wormhole is an interoperability platform, connecting over 30 blockchain networks and supporting diverse use cases such as DeFi, NFTs, and governance.

At its core is the Wormhole Messaging protocol, powering a suite of products like Wormhole Connect, a user-friendly asset layer product requiring just 3 lines of code for integration. Trusted by industry giants like Circle and Uniswap, Wormhole has facilitated over $35 billion in transfers through 750 million cross-chain messages. 

Security is a top priority for Wormhole, with its Messaging protocol utilising signed Verified Action Approvals (VAAs), Guardian nodes ensuring full node security for connected blockchains, and a decentralized set of 19 validators, called Guardians, maintaining the most decentralized cross-chain messaging protocol. 

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Wormhole's modularity allows for easy integration, future-proofing projects in the evolving decentralized computing ecosystem. Operating since early 2021, Wormhole continues to provide time-tested tools like Wormhole Connect, Gasless + Gas Dropoff, and the Gateway to Cosmos, enabling cross-chain liquidity and message routing via one IBC connection.

Gateway, Wormhole's application-specific blockchain, facilitates seamless cross-chain liquidity and message routing for Cosmos chains and apps. Purpose-built for Cosmos, Gateway adheres to the ICS-20 standard for IBC-native token bridging, ensuring greater fungibility of assets and deep interchain liquidity across Ethereum, Solana, and 25+ other chains. 

Security remains a stronghold for Wormhole Gateway, benefitting the broader Wormhole Stack and its Guardian nodes. Leveraging a decentralized set of validators and a battle-tested security program, Wormhole Gateway has been recognized for its security prowess in Uniswap's June 2023 bridge assessment report, ranking #1 among all evaluated bridges. The platform's commitment to security is detailed in its comprehensive 2022 year-end security program report.

It is worth mentioning, that in February 2022, Wormhole faced a significant challenge with a $325 million exploit, marking one of the largest hacks in DeFi history. Due to a failure in validating "guardian" accounts, the cross-chain protocol lost 120,000 ETH, allowing the attacker to generate $325 million worth of ETH. Despite uncertainties about the return of funds, Wormhole successfully replenished its reserves and resumed operations. Jump Crypto, the firm incubating Wormhole, confirmed providing 120,000 ETH to restore reserves, underscoring their confidence in Wormhole's importance.

Follow these simple tasks below in our checklist to start your Wormhole activity to secure a potential airdrop:

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