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What is Undead Genesis?

This is a new project dedicated to the theme of the post-apocalyptic world, where three factions are fighting for power. The main idea is to combine the advantages of NFT and create a unique collection that allows the community to own a part of the post-apocalyptic world.


There are three factions in the world of Undead Genesis, each bringing a unique perspective to the game world. The Berserkers are true barbarians who, united with nature and abandoned all technology. The queen of this indomitable faction is Eira, who vacillates between infinite rage and a mad love of nature.

The technos, on the other hand, never stop pushing forward, developing and perfecting their technology under Dr. Xander. They are true genius minds, capable of performing miracles with their inventions and willing to go to any lengths to achieve dominance over the world.

Finally, the Undead, led by the mysterious necromancer known as the Terrible Lord. The Undead have already lost their humanity and succumb to dark magic and spells. They have become the true living dead, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

The benefits of owning an NFT in Undead Genesis

The Undead Genesis project team is actively working on creating utilities designed to make it easier for newcomers to enter the world of blockchain. NFT owners will get access to exclusive events and early access to future releases. In addition, the project provides free access to all utilities, giving users the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Undead Genesis world without any restrictions or additional costs. 

Launch and unique NFTs

The Undead Genesis team should announce a mint date soon and promises to create a fair and affordable launch for all. Each faction will receive a limited number of unique 1/1 NFTs, making them especially valuable to collectors. 

Undead Genesis partners

Undead Genesis has announced partnerships with Web2 and Web3 companies that will add even more value for holders. The first official partner is IM Academy, a trading company specializing in forex and stock trading. Holders of unique NFTs from the collection will get access to free courses and signals from the best traders as an additional benefit. The second official partnership with Bybit and more information will be available soon. In addition, the team has two more partners, information about which will be announced soon.

Why we selected Undead Genesis?

Undead Genesis is a very interesting project that combines two important areas of art: painting and cryptocurrencies. Each NFT in this collection is a unique work of art, which makes them especially attractive for collectors and investors. In addition, the partnerships with Web2 and Web3 and access to free courses and signals for NFT holders create additional value for the project.