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A Voyage to Rewards

Tabi NFT is an innovative project that has captured the crypto community's attention. With its unique Voyager event, Tabi offers participants the chance to embark on a thrilling journey, unlocking rewards and prizes. The project has garnered significant attention on social media, with users expressing excitement and interest in participating and claiming their rewards.

What is Tabi NFT?

Tabi NFT is a project that aims to make Ethereum cheaper, easier, and more enjoyable while expanding blockchain possibilities for artists and communities. The project has raised $60M from notable investors like Coinbase Ventures, HAUN Ventures, and Kindred Ventures, indicating strong backing and potential for success.

What is $TABI?

$TABI is a native token of the Tabi NFT platform. It serves as the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem and is used for various functions such as governance, staking, and rewards.

Tabi NFT's Utility

The Tabi NFT platform offers a unique, rewarding program, the Voyager event, where participants can unlock various rewards by completing quests. These rewards hold significant utility within the Tabi ecosystem.

The Team and Partners

The team behind Tabi is a group of dedicated and experienced individuals passionate about blockchain technology and NFTs. They're committed to creating an engaging and immersive experience for their community.

Tabi has attracted significant attention from notable entities in the blockchain and investment sectors. The project has secured substantial financial backing, including a recent $11M funding round from prominent investors such as Binance and Animoca Brands.

How to Participate

The Alphador team has prepared a detailed checklist guide on how to get the Tabi airdrop. To make your wallet eligible for a potential Tabi airdrop, you need to interact with the Tabi ecosystem.

To participate in the Tabi Voyager event and unlock rewards, follow these simple steps:

How to participate