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What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, built by StarkWare Industries, which raised over $280M from top crypto VCs. It is a blockchain designed to be used as a platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts that require high transaction throughput, low fees, and fast confirmation times.

StarkNet uses a different consensus mechanism than Ethereum. Instead of relying on proof of work or proof of stake, StarkNet uses zero-knowledge proofs to validate transactions. This approach allows for a higher degree of scalability, as zero-knowledge proofs can be computed off-chain and then submitted to the blockchain.

StarkNet is still in development, but it has already gained significant interest from developers and users alike due to its potential to dramatically improve the scalability and usability of the Ethereum ecosystem.

How to get a StarkNet airdrop?

In order to make your account eligible for a potential StarkNet airdrop you need to interact with StarkNet ecosystem. Use our checklist to qualify for an airdrop.

All the airdrops like Optimism, Aptos and Arbitrum had a criteria of smart contract interactions. We need to remember that most of the times there are 3 multiplicators related to the transactions:

  • amount of transactions
  • transactions aggregated $ volume
  • transactions interval

So, the optimal strategy is to interact with different StarkNet smart contracts (protocols) on a daily or weekly basis. You can explore the whole list of applications on StarkNet Ecosystem website.


How to participate