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What is Shy Ones?

Shy Ones is a project on Solana that opens the door to a unique world of interaction between digital personalities in the real world. Each of the 10,000 unique NFTs is a character who knows how to overcome the wall of shyness and helps its owners find new friends and like-minded people. The company aims to disrupt old inefficient systems and create new opportunities for people to feel connected and valued in this new web3 space. In addition, Shy Ones will also invest in and incubate new ideas and projects from community members, talented artists, brands and other contributors to bring them to life.

About team

The Shy Ones project team is made up of highly qualified specialists with a variety of backgrounds. They include OnerBoi - chief creative officer, Korsan - former startup founder, Jango - tattoo and animator, Spiz - operations director, Bola - financial director, Vital - lead developer, Sena - fashion designer, Cücü - artist, Sheryar - musician and event organizer. Thanks to the experience and unique skills of each team member, Shy Ones project will be successfully realized and will become a real bridge between virtual and real world.

About the features 


The store, a key component of Venture Studio, offers a wide selection of digital and physical products. You'll find approved digital works, small or collectible NFT and 1/1 NFT collections available for purchase to all. Shy Ones holders will get priority access to new products, discounts and even occasional gifts for themselves, their family and friends. Shy Ones also plans to partner with well-known companies and brands to create unique physical products that will be available for in-store purchase. Whether you're looking for digital artwork or unique physical products.


Shy Ones plans to conquer the world with their unique and quality merchandise and collectibles, which will be released regularly with the help of talented designers and artists. They are already working on their first official merch collection, Vol. 1, and its holders will have exclusive access to the product. In addition, Shy Ones promises to release unexpected, limited-edition merch products that will become true collectible treasures that can only be guessed at. 


Shy Ones has announced the launch of its unique Academy, which offers many opportunities to inspire and develop talented artists and art lovers. The Academy will feature online and offline workshops, fireside conversations and Q&As with well-known and talented guests who will help unlock creative potential and offer helpful advice. Shy Ones Academy is an online educational platform available to anyone around the world that provides the opportunity to access unique materials and grow in the business you love. Subscribing to the Academy not only gives you access to rich content, but also directly funds the development of Venture Studio and its future projects.