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What is Shardeum?

The Shardeum project is a blockchain platform that provides tools for creating decentralized applications (DApps) and conducting secure transactions on the network. Its main goal is to develop a new economic ecosystem that will ensure security, transparency, and decentralization of interaction between users.

One of the features of Shardeum is its architecture, which uses two types of tokens: SDET and SHRP. SDET is the token responsible for distributing the network's profits and is the internal currency. SHRP is used to ensure network security and is a means of payment for transactions.

Shardeum team and fund raise

Shardeum was co-founded by Nischal Shetty and Omar Syed. Shetty is the CEO and founder of WazirX, which is India's biggest crypto exchange with over 10 million active users. Syed is a blockchain architect who has assisted prominent organizations such as NASA, Yahoo, Zynga, and Shardus in building scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems.

Shardeum obtained $18.2 million in seed funding from over 50 investors worldwide, including Struck Crypto, Jane Street, and the Spartan Group, in October 2022.

How to get a Shardeum token airdrop?

We recommend participating in the Shardeum testnet as it can be a good opportunity to get free SDET and SHRP tokens that can be of significant value in the future. In order to make your account eligible for a potential Shardeum airdrop you need to interact with Shardeum ecosystem. Use our checklist below to qualify for an airdrop.

How to participate