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What is Sei Network

Sei is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain specialized for trading, optimizing every layer of the stack to offer the best infrastructure for trading apps of all types. Leveraging a novel consensus and technical breakthroughs, Sei is the fastest blockchain in existence.

Sei Labs has raised $35M from 16 investors including Flow Traders and Hypersphere Ventures.

How Does Sei Work

Sei's approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) is unique from other protocols in that it aims to create a sector-specific blockchain optimized for decentralized exchanges, rather than relying on general-purpose chains like Ethereum or creating its own app-chain. 

Sei's blockchain aims to solve several key problems in DeFi, such as front-running prevention through frequent batch auctioning and single-block order execution. 

It also uses native price oracles to minimize external dependencies and bundle orders on multiple levels, which reduces gas costs. Sei's tech stack makes it possible to create a Centralized Limit Order Book (CLOB), enabling high-frequency trading with off-chain speed while maintaining on-chain security. 

This unique approach distinguishes Sei from other DEXes that rely on automated market makers (AMMs) and positions it as a decentralized NASDAQ.

How to get Sei Network Airdrop

In order to make your wallet eligible for a potential Sei network airdrop you need to interact with the Sei network ecosystem. Use our checklist to qualify for an airdrop.

How to participate