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What is Sandbar?

Sandbar is a new platform designed to bring Web3 professionals together in one place. It offers users to showcase their work and make new connections. Getting the WL in the project is very difficult, but in the future there will be a giveaway in Subber that will make it much easier to get it. We recommend now to be active by doing art, chatting and so on.

About platform

Registration and profile creation

To get started with Sandbar, you need to register and create a profile. Each user or service provider will be able to connect their wallet and create a free account. You can then select your services, attach files and include social links to complete your profile.

Public accessibility of the profile and the ability to communicate

Once the profile is filled out, it becomes public and users can start communicating with other people.

Escrow agreement

One of the most interesting features of Sandbar is the special escrow agreement built into the platform. This contract ensures that all payments for services are secure and reliable. This is a revolutionary move that will solve a huge problem in the professional Web3 space.

Perspectives on the use of NFTs

Although the usefulness of Sandbar NFTs is still under development, the ideas being discussed sound promising. For example, NFT owners could be rewarded for anonymously voting on disputes, which could create a sense of community and participation among owners. In addition, another interesting idea is the prospect of creating custom URL vanity links.

Search and discovery

Sandbar also focuses on search and discovery. You can search for people or companies based on their services, location and other criteria.

The Future of Sandbar

The future of Sandbar is very interesting. The platform has the potential to rapidly scale and even move companies from Web2 to Web3.