Omni Network Airdrop Guide

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What is Omni Network

Omni Network is a Layer 1 blockchain designed to connect all rollups, thereby enabling developers to create global applications that are accessible across all rollups and secured by restaking Ethereum. This innovative approach allows for a more seamless and efficient interaction between blockchain networks.

Omni Network has attracted significant attention, with over 30,000 testnet users registered and infinite rollup connections. It boasts a 2-second block time and low transaction costs, approximately $0.0001 per transaction, making it an attractive platform for developers and users.

While Omni Network has not officially announced a token or airdrop yet, their recent activities suggest a potential future $OMNI token release and airdrop. This includes the opening of their test net and setting up social tasks for users to complete, which could be a strong hint that Omni Network is preparing for an eventual token airdrop.

Omni Network's Investors

Omni Network is backed by $18 million in investments from notable entities in the blockchain and investment sectors, including Polygon, Jump Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, and more. 

These investors' financial backing and support can significantly boost the project, aiding in its development and eventual success.

How to get Omni Network Airdrop

To make your wallet eligible for a potential Omni Network airdrop, you need to interact with the Omni Network ecosystem. Use our checklist to qualify for an airdrop:

How to participate