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What is Meegos?

There is not enough information about the project yet, as the team decided not to reveal all the details at once. The project was launched just a few days ago, and it is not even known what blockchain it will run on. But this only adds intrigue and interest to the project.

Blocksmith Labs

The team, which has a wealth of experience in NFT and a successful project, has its Smyths collection, one of the most popular on the Solana blockchain. The NFTs in the collection are priced at 48 SOL, a testament to the professionalism of the team. Their main mission is to create the best Web3 products that allow companies, artists, individuals and creators to reach their full potential. The team adheres to high standards of honesty, trust and transparency, which is reflected in the quality of their products, which are considered the best in the industry. 

Cryptonnet - A knowledgeable craftsman with extensive experience. Holds the position of general manager. His responsibilities include managing marketing activities to attract new clients. He develops and implements effective strategies, builds trust with partners and actively seeks advertising opportunities. His every move is thoughtful and balanced, which helps him reach new heights in the cryptocurrency world.

Hamry - Several years of experience developing high-quality software design and architecture and guiding developers, now applied to the Web3 world. Co-CEO Harmy focuses on customer retention and ensuring customer satisfaction by building long-term relationships, superior customer service and problem solving.

Gee2Kay - Senior Operations Manager with a decade of experience leading and building teams at a globally renowned company. Gee oversees all daily operations at Blocksmith Labs.

Wozgun - Founder and developer of Web2, joined Web3 in 2020, creating countless arbitrage bots on Ethereum. Wozgun leads the development of the technology infrastructure behind Blocksmith Labs' products.

Why we selected Meegos?

The team of Blocksmith Labs are true masters of the cryptocurrency world, and their every move is thought out to the smallest detail. Meegos, in a few days has gained huge popularity and has already attracted the attention of investors. This project, may represent a huge earning potential. We strongly recommend to follow Meegos and do not miss the opportunity to become part of the project.