Li.Fi Retrodrop Guide

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What is Li.Fi

Li.Fi functions as both a bridge and a DEX aggregator, capable of directing any cryptocurrency on any chain to the desired cryptocurrency on the desired chain. Suppose you have USDT on the Ethereum network but want USDC on Avalanche. In that case, Li.Fi can serve as a bridge. The Li.Fi Widget is a collection of pre-made user interface elements that can help developers incorporate a secure cross-chain bridging and swapping experience into their web applications. It provides users with the ability to preview swap routes before connecting their wallets, view ongoing swaps and swap histories, and customize their wallets with theming options and dark mode support.

Philipp Zentner and Max Klenk co-founded Li.Fi, with investors including Coinbase Ventures, Rocktree Capital, AngelDAO, and Dragonfly Capital, among others. Li.Fi recently secured $5.5 million in funding through its strategic ecosystem round, led by 1kx Network.

How to receive a potential Li.Fi token airdrop?

Li.Fi has made their Lizard $LZRD token available on Github, but they haven't made any announcement regarding an airdrop yet. This indicates that a snapshot hasn't been taken yet to identify potential recipients of an airdrop. Therefore, it's not too late to begin taking action.

Follow our checklist in order to have more chances to qualify for an airdrop.

How to participate