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What is KYDS?

KYDS promises its community innovative utilities and games for mobile devices that will amaze and delight users. The KYDS team takes pride in the quality of its PFPs and is confident in their uniqueness, so it will keep them unchanged forever.

In addition, every KYDS member will get exclusive access to in-game contests with rewards, as well as a share of revenue from game fees, allowing them to earn from their hobby.

KYDS will also give its members free access to artificial intelligence tools via Discord. In addition, KYDS members will receive exclusive workshops where they can discuss their ideas and share their experiences with other talented and creative people. And, of course, every KYDS member will get access to high-quality PFP art to help them stand out and create their own unique look.

Platform KYDS

Is a unique platform for mobile devices that combines classic, mini and arcade games with a retro theme. But it's not just a collection of games - the team creates a real community of players who can compete against each other in a fun and exciting way.

Users can earn points on the leaderboard, competing against other players and earning attractive prizes for doing so. And the team also provides the opportunity to bet with cryptocurrency in PvP-games.

But that's not all! KYDS members will have exclusive access to leaderboard competitions, where they can compete for even more valuable prizes and show their skills in the game.

Why we selected KYSD?

All in all, KYDS is a unique project that provides an opportunity not only to play exciting games, but also to compete with other players, receive prizes and be part of a real community. The project allows you to earn money by playing games, and this opportunity can attract many people from the cryptocommunity, while the project has an experience team that is confident in its abilities and ready to face any difficulties. We recommend to pay attention to this project, because it can get even more hype in the future.