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What is Kromes?

Kromes is a new project in the NFT world that combines beautiful art with a compelling story. The entire collection of Kromes art is hand-drawn, comic book-inspired and depicts post-apocalyptic worlds in a way reminiscent of Mad Max and Fallout. The Kromes team is convinced that unique art is the key to the success of the NFT project, and a compelling story plays a crucial role in attracting an audience.

About team

The team behind Kromes are professionals with years of experience in digital marketing, operations and sales. They began their journey in the NFT world in 2021 and haven't stopped there since. Unlike other projects, the Kromes team decided not to attract external financial support and does everything themselves, so that all project funds remain within the team and can be used to further develop and improve Kromes. This shows the serious attitude of the team to their project and allows them full control over the whole process.

About the features 

Kromes is not just an NFT collection, but a full-fledged interactive project that aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for all participants. The creators of the project promise not just to release their collection and forget about it, but to involve their audience in various interesting events and activities. To do this, the team plans to expand its composition with professionals in the fields of writing, art, animation, voice-over and development. They are ready to invest in their project and create something big and memorable.

In addition, the Kromes team promises to hold several events that will allow participants to experience the beauty of this project. For example, there may be contests, raffles, and other events that will allow Kromes holders to receive additional bonuses and benefits. This will avoid a big gap in the provision of the basic experience and give everyone the opportunity to participate in the life of Kromes.