Holograph Token Airdrop Guide

how to get holograph airdrop on layerzero

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What is Holograph

The Holograph platform is an advanced NFT minting solution that has incorporated the LayerZero protocol to enhance its functionalities, allowing for seamless interaction and multi-chain capabilities. Holograph will introduce its own native token called $HLG, and there are expectations that the team will distribute tokens through an airdrop as a reward for its supporters. Furthermore, participating in a potential Holograph airdrop might also qualify you for a LayerZero airdrop. This article presents a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to position yourself to potentially receive the Holograph $HLG token through an airdrop.

Does Holograph have a token?

Holograph utilizes its own native token called $HLG, which operators are required to bond in order to carry out tasks. The likelihood of being chosen for job execution is determined by the amount of tokens bonded, with a higher bonding amount resulting in an increased probability of selection. It is important to note that the $HLG token has not been released at this time.

How to receive potential $HLG token airdrop?

Holograph has not made any official announcements regarding an airdrop yet. Additionally, their native token, $HLG, has not been launched yet. However, given the excitement and interest surrounding the potential LayerZero airdrop, it is possible that Holograph, as an ecosystem project, might also consider conducting their own airdrop. This guide will provide instructions on how to potentially receive the Holograph ($HLG) token through an airdrop.

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