Fuel Testnet and Airdrop Guide

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What is Fuel Network?

Fuel (v1) is a Layer 2 protocol for Ethereum that addresses the issue of scalability. To achieve global access to blockchain technology, more must be done to improve its scalability. Fuel uses a modular architecture to increase throughput and achieve parallel transaction execution. With strict state access lists and a UTXO model, Fuel can significantly increase the transactional throughput as compared to single-threaded counterparts. The Fuel Virtual Machine (VM) reduces energy waste and offers increased design flexibility for developers. 

Who invested in Fuel Labs? 

Fuel Labs has raised a total of 2 significant funding rounds from 13 investors. Their latest round, in September 2022, secured around $80 million from 11 investors such as Stratos Technologies, Blockchain Capital, and Spartan. In April 2021, they conducted a funding round of around $1.5 million in non-equity assistance, which included investors like Origin Capital, Fenbushi Capital, and CoinFund.

How to Receive Potential Fuel Token Airdrop

To increase your chances of receiving Fuel tokens airdrop, it is recommended to engage with their testnet. Fuel has recently introduced their Beta-2 Testnet, and it is crucial to interact with their protocols in order to be considered for the snapshot. Follow our checklist below to qualify yourself for the airdrop.

How to participate