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Echodex Testnet

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What is EchoDex

EchoDex claims to be the first Dex on, a public testnet on ConsenSys zk-EVM, powering a new generation of dApps built on Ethereum. 

EchoDEX as a decentralized exchange ecosystem offers a range of services to its users. One of its unique features is the liquidity options it provides, including aggregated liquidity from other large liquidity pools on the blockchain and liquidity created on EchoDEX. 

EchoDEX uses the approach of liquidity, where liquidity is allocated within a custom price range, to offer traders deeper liquidity around the mid-price while LPs earn more trading fees with their capital.

Does EchoDEX Have a Token?

EchoDex has a native token $ECP which serves as a utility token for the EchoDex ecosystem. 

With the EchoDex "Swap to Get $ECP" incentive program you will be able to earn more $ECP tokens every time you make a transaction on EchoDEX, whether you are buying or selling a cryptocurrency, you will earn a certain amount of $ECP that will be airdropped directly into your wallet. 

How to get EchoDex Airdrop

In order to make your account eligible for a potential EchoDex airdrop you need to interact with the EchoDex ecosystem. Use our checklist to qualify for an airdrop. 

How to participate