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What is dYdX

dYdX is a notable platform in the world of decentralized cryptocurrency trading. Its performance in 2022 has solidified its position, recording an impressive $466.3 billion in transaction volume. 

This is a considerable 140% increase from the $322 billion volume in 2021. Interestingly, this surge in trading activity occurred despite a drop in the total value of tokens stored on the platform, suggesting high levels of ongoing engagement by users.

In terms of user base, dYdX has witnessed substantial growth. In a standout performance last year, the platform experienced a single day trading volume exceeding $4.3 million. This one-day volume outpaced even Coinbase, a leading crypto platform, highlighting the growing traction dYdX is gaining in the cryptocurrency sector.

Token and Governance

Besides providing a trading platform, dYdX also introduces its unique feature - a governance token. This token is available for trade on all major exchanges. 

While there were initial concerns about potential token inflation following the team's decision to release 150 million tokens to investors and employees, the token's value has risen. It increased from $1.10 to $2.70 in January, demonstrating a robust response to market conditions.

dYdX's Investors

dYdX is well-supported by leading investors like a16z, Paradigm, and Polychain. This, along with its strong trading volume and dynamic user base, positions it as a promising platform in the crypto industry. 

The anticipation is further fuelled by the platform's transition to its Testnet phase (v4) and potential upcoming airdrop. All these elements highlight dYdX's promising future in the cryptocurrency landscape.

How to get dYdX Airdrop

To make your wallet eligible for a potential dYdX airdrop, you need to interact with the dYdX ecosystem. Here's a checklist to help you qualify for a potential airdrop:

How to participate