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What is BLAST?

Blast is the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins, backed by $20 million in funding from Paradigm, Standard Crypto and others.

Blast's rewards come from ETH staking and RWA protocols, providing users with automatic yield. In contrast to other Layer 2 solutions with no interest, Blast offers 4% yield for ETH and 5% for stablecoins.




  • The Blast Community Airdrop is currently live for Early Access Members. Earn points by bridging to Blast and inviting friends. Points can be redeemed in May. The developer airdrop is set to launch in January with the Blast Testnet;
  • The Blast Community Airdrop is split between Early Access Members (50%) and Developers (50%).
  • The more you bridge, the more Points you'll earn over time. Please note that after signing up, you will have only 7 days window to secure your points;
  • Withdrawal from the bridge will be possible once the Blast Mainnet launches in February

What makes Blast special?


  • Auto-Rebasing: Blast allows users to transact in ETH, with Dapps built around ETH, ensuring an easy experience.
  • L1 Staking: The ETH yield from L1 staking, initially from Lido, is automatically transferred to users through the process of ETH rebasing on the L2
  • T-Bill Yield: When bridging stablecoins on Blast, you get $USDB, Blast's stablecoin, with its yield sourced from MakerDAO's T-Bill protocol. You can redeem USDB for $USDC when transitioning back to Ethereum.

For Developers

2023-11-21 06_13_41-Blast - Brave.png

Unlock new revenue streams and rewards for your users with Blast!

  • Native Yield: Blast introduces yield as a primitive, allowing Dapps to explore innovative business models. Bridged ETH and stablecoins automatically earn yield, providing opportunities for monetisation with a single configuration;
  • Gas Fee Revenue: Unlike other L2s that keep gas fee revenue to themselves, Blast programmatically returns this revenue to developers. You can choose to retain it or subsidise gas fees for your users;
  • Airdrop for Developers: 50% of the Blast Airdrop is exclusively reserved for developers. The Developer Airdrop is set to launch in January concurrent with the Blast Testnet;
  • Compatible with Hardhat and Foundry;
    EVM equivalent, enabling you to build Dapps without the need to learn a new toolkit.

Referral system (Squad, Luck and Spins)


  • You get 1 Spin/week per ETH bridged
  • Luck increases the chance that your next spin is a Super Spin (worth 2x to 10x normal spins). Complete squad goals to increase your luck.
  • Direct invites make up your squad. When your squad deposits 5 ETH in total, you'll get increase in your Luck and unlock 10 more invites. Your Luck determines how likely you are to receive Super Spins worth up to 10x Normal Spins.


Follow the simple tasks below in our checklist to start your Blast airdrop points farming now:

How to participate