Trade Smarter with our DEX Trading Terminal

Instantly snipe, buy or sell tokens on DEX, set take profit, stop loss, and more with our cutting-edge features for optimal trading.

Instant DEX Trading

Trade tokens on Ethereum DEX platforms like Uniswap instantly, with no delays or intermediaries. Seize the best opportunities in the market at the click of a button.

Instant DEX Trading bot - Buy or sell tokens quickly and easily on DEX platforms like Uniswap.

Advanced Order Types

Set take profit, stop loss, or trailing stop loss for your trades to manage risk and optimize profits effortlessly.

Uniswap take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop loss for precise trade management.

Anti MEV Protection

Safeguard your trades from frontrunning and sandwich attacks with our robust anti-MEV technology. Trade with peace of mind.

MEV blocker rpc

Anti Rug Protection

Our Anti Rug feature is designed to detect suspicious transactions and token sells, providing you with a safeguard against potential scams and unfair practices.

Anti Rug Protection - Safeguard against rug pulls and frontrunning with our advanced security feature.

Real-Time PnL Tracking

Monitor your profits and losses in real-time, gaining insights into the performance of your trades at every moment.

DEX sniping bot - real time pnl

Multiple Trading Wallets

Manage multiple trading wallets seamlessly, enabling you to diversify your holdings and strategies effortlessly.

Multiple Trading Wallets - Manage various trading wallets efficiently for diversified strategies

Parallel Trades

Execute multiple trades simultaneously, ensuring you never miss out on any lucrative opportunities.

Concurrent Trades - Execute multiple trades simultaneously to capture more opportunities.

Whale Anomaly Scanner

Gain a competitive edge with our Whale Anomaly scanner, which spots potentially profitable tokens by detecting early whale buys and popular wallet movements. Snipe opportunities instantly.

Whale Anomaly Scanner - Detect potentially profitable tokens with our advanced scanning tool. Detect smart wallets.

Shareable Trade Results

Share your trade results with friends, family, or the world with ease, making your trading journey a social experience.

Shareable Trade Results - Easily share your trade outcomes with others for a social trading experience.

Generous Referral Program

Join our referral program and earn up to 50% on trading fees from every referral. Profit together with your network.

Generous Referral Program - Earn rewards by referring friends to our platform

Platform Fee: 0.9% Per Trade

We understand that every percentage point matters in the world of trading. That's why we charge a competitive platform fee of just 0.9% per trade.

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